Building a Community

A community who offers support, accountability and friendships is powerful. Fit Livin’ helps individuals take ownership of their health to create a common bond that is contagious.

Fitness With a Goal ™

Fit Livin’ is  built on the philosophy of FITNESS WITH A GOAL ™. Eating a healthy diet and exercising to achieve a performance goal.


Having a Plan

In order to achieve a healthy lifestyle you must have a plan. Fit Livin’ offers a five level plan to ensure the success of building a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

Employee Team

A New Approach To Wellness

Fit Livin’ offers an exciting and refreshing alternative to traditional education based wellness programs by:

  • Having individuals set a fitness goal
  • Organizing company challenges
  • Tracking competitions in a fun and social personal dashboard
  • Creating a sense of team
  • Bringing an inspirational brand to the work place

Achieving Phenomenal Results

In order to achieve a healthy lifestyle you must have a plan. In the World of quick fixes and fads, most people think achieving a healthy lifestyle starts with diet and exercise. Although this is part of the equation, you must start at the root. The Fit Livin’ Pyramid is a five level plan to ensure the success of building a healthy sustainable lifestyle.

Fit Livin' Pyramid

Other wellness companies offer behavior modification, health coaching, and data analysis. Generally speaking the competitors approach to wellness is one of providing education and soft encouragement. Fit Livin’ provides the same services but goes beyond by having individual’s set a fitness goal, organizing company challenges, tracking competitions in a fun and social personal dashboard, creating a sense of team, and by bringing an inspirational brand with inspirational leadership to the employees.

  • Foundation

    The first level of the Fit Livin’ Pyramid is creating a healthy, positive and supportive environment. This is done by acknowledging and eliminating self destructive behaviors and poor choices.

  • Focus

    The second level of the Fit Livin’ Pyramid is setting goals. Our philosophy of focusing on a positive (Performance Goal) and the by-product of this lifestyle is weight loss, maintaining healthy weight, reduced health risks and better mental attitude. This is how you achieve a healthy sustainable lifestyle!

  • Fuel

    The third level of the Fit Livin’ Pyramid is eating a healthy nutrient rich diet. We have created our very own incredibly simple, non-calorie counting approach to eating. 3-2-1 Eat! and Fuel List is the guide for how often to eat, what foods to choose, and how to plan and eat each meal.

  • Fire

    The fourth level of the Fit Livin’ Pyramid is achieving an elevated heart rate for at least 30 minutes. Walking, running, swimming, biking and cardio equipment are just a few the cardiovascular exercises we endorse.

  • Flex

    The fifth and final level of the Fit Livin’ Pyramid is improving strength, flexibility and balance. We ask the individual to find their passion; yoga, pilates, cross training, suspension training, free-weights, machine weights, group exercise class and at home workouts to name a few. Giving the individual the autonomy to find their interest is important.

A fun and easy way to organize and plan your goals

Individuals will have access to their very own personal calendar to plan, log and organize their life.  Log and track activities, meals, weight, exercise,  mental attitude, and even rate the success of your day on a scale of 1-10! The personal calendar is also used to run Fit Dawg (a fun game the promotes fitness) by tracking activity minutes and three week challenges!

Fit Livin' Dashboard
Fit Livin' Tracker

What others say about us

Kassee Lamm

“Fit Livin’ has been a much needed catalyst for change for our organization. Many of our employees have expressed their gratitude for including the program within our office. Fit Livin’ has allowed us the opportunity for team building as well as accountability. Not only have members completed their own performance and personal goals but we had great participation in the 4 mile challenge.”

Kassee LammHealth and Wellness Program ManagerApex Benefits
Amy Lathrop

“Fit Livin’ has been a tremendous asset to our organization. Not only has the Fit Livin wellness program created a new culture of awareness and education around health, but an improved sense of camaraderie and team spirit has also been created through Fit Livin’s fun office competitions and programs.”

Amy LathropChief Operating OfficerPerfect Pallets