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Fit Livin' Pyramid

The Core of Our Work

The core values of the Fit Livin’ Program includes a five step behavioral modification program created by a physician, registered dietician and fitness expert.

The Corporate Program

Lifestyles Are What We Do

Fit Livin’ Corporate Wellness
A robust wellness program to maximize your ROI. Includes: Community Engagement Leader, in-app coaching, on-site visits, reports, iOS/Android Premium Mobile App, and more.
Fit Livin’ White Label
A customized iOS and Android application with your brand/look and feel. An ideal solution for large to extra large companies and organizations.


What people say about us

Fit Livin' means to me that you can do whatever you are comfortable with in regards to exercise and healthy eating. You just have to get started!!

Kim Richwine

Billing Coordinator - Perfect Pallets, Inc.


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