During the week of Thanksgiving you’ll probably spend some time reflecting on what you are thankful for but making it a mindset choice on a regular baisis can drastically change your life. When you’re grateful you tend to exude and share a contagious positive energy. 


Consider Keeping a Gratitude Journal.

Did you know that taking 5 minutes a day to write down what you’re grateful for can increase your long-term well-being as much doubling your income? I didn’t either until I read this blog that highlights over 40 research studies on gratitude.

Take a few minutes each night to journal what you feel thankful for in that day. If negative thoughts or actions took over in your day, think about what triggered them. Take some time to review those triggers and brainstorm solutions.  



Check out all of these benefits of Gratitude! 





Source: 31 Benefits of Gratitude You Didn't Know About