Judy Porter, RD - Director of Wellness

Sports Performance Nutrition


  • Optimizes performance. Helps keep body temp. down and Heart Rate down.
  • 1% dehydration reduces performance by 10-12% 

Hydration Goals

  • Start exercise well hydrated
  • Keep fluid losses to a minimum DURING practices and games
  • Replace fluid losses after exercise (3-4 cups for ever 1 hour of activity)

Daily Hydration Goals

  • 4-8 years old- 6 cups/day
  • 9-13 years old- 8-10 cups/day

Best Fluid Choices

  • Water Water Water 
  • Water infused with real fruit
  • Sparkling water with a splash of fruit juice
  • Coconut Water
  • Milk (lowfat) (almond, coconut, soy) 3-4 serving/d
  • 100% fruit juice (4-8 ounces/day) 
  • Vegetable juice
  • Sports Drink


3-2-1 Eat! 

Eat 3 meals, 2 healthy snacks and a recovery snack right after exercise.

Why? Energy, Focus, Glycogen, Performance, Reduce overeating/cravings


Choose whole foods over process foods

Foods from the food groups, if in a box or can check ingredient list (short & recognizable).

Why? More nutrient dense, safe


Choose high quality Protein. Why? 

Builds and repairs muscle (eggs, fish, chicken, turkey, nuts, seeds, nut butter, yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese, beans, lentils


Choose lots of fruits and vegetables!

No limit! 6 minimum.

Why? Antioxidants and electrolytes. Go for color!


Choose healthy carbs

Mostly whole grains. Oatmeal, whole grain breads, crackers, tortillas, cereals, pasta, brown rice, quinoa.

Why? More nutrition and high in fiber.


Choose healthy fats

Nuts, seeds, avocado, olives, olive oil based dressings.

Why? Reduce inflammation in the body.


Limit: sweets & fried foods

Cookies, cakes, donuts, candy, french fries

Why? Empty calories, linked to health problems.

…in addition




Pre-Game Fueling

Goal: Control hunger

  • 1-2 hours before: light snack
  • 2-4 hours before: mini meal

 Choose low-fat, moderate protein, complex carb but not too much fiber, not too much sugar. Some individuals have problems with dairy.


Good Pre-Game Snack Ideas

  • Granola bar & banana + water
  • Slice of toast lightly spread with peanut butter + water
  • Few pretzels & watermelon + water


Good Pre-Game Meal Ideas

  • Egg, toast and fruit + water
  • Turkey sandwich with fruit + water
  • Oatmeal + banana  slices + chopped walnuts + water


Post-Game Fueling Ideas

  • Complex Carbs and or Fruits/Vegetables: replace glycogen loss sooner the better (30 min), prepared for next workout
  • Protein: start healing & repair of muscle
  • Hydrate


Good Post-Game Meal Ideas

  • Spaghetti & meatballs plus salad + water or milk
  • Tacos (chicken or beef), corn + water or milk
  • Salmon, sweat potato, broccoli + water or milk


Healthy Snack Choices


  • Fruits and Vegetables: Label Check: avoid those with added sugar and/or salt (sodium).
  • Nuts and Seeds: Label Check: lightly salted or raw.
  • Yogurt: Label Check: avoid if sugar is listed in first 3 ingredients, look for at least 15% of DV for Calcium, and make sure it contains Live and Active Cultures.
  • Cheese: Label Check: made with skim, 1% or 2% milk.
  • Nut Butter: Label Check: Look for short list of ingredients, 1-3 ingredients such as nuts, salt and sugar. Avoid if it contains hydrogenated oil.
  • Eggs: Label Check: Choose Grade A eggs. Look for Vegetarian Fed, Antibiotic-free and Growth Hormone-free.
  • Popcorn: Label Check: Choose air-popped or 94% fat free.
  • Cottage Cheese: Label Check: made with skim, 1% or 2% milk.
  • Deli Meat:  Label check. Look for 97% fat-free, Nitrite-free deli meat and no added fillers.


Dont's of Snacking

  • Don't choose snacks high in sugar: Examples: candy, cookies, cakes, milk chocolate, sodas, some yogurt, some commercial smoothies, fruit snacks, etc.
  • Don't choose snacks high in saturated fat (bad fat):  Examples: chips, tortilla chips, ice cream,  whole- fat cheese, cottage cheese and yogurt.
  • Don't choose highly processed, packaged snacks: Tip: avoid snacks containing more than 5-6 ingredients. Examples: frozen pizza snacks, Little Debbie snack cakes, flavored tortilla chips, most 100-calorie snack pack