Your lifestyle plays a HUGE role in your metabolic efficiency. Here are a few ways to naturally optimize the rate your body burns calories…

Load up on Fruggies. 

Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables. They contain nutrients that activate your metabolism, curb cravings and satisfy your appetite. Choose a colorful variety and don’t limit your intake!

Add Some Spice into your Life

Cooking with chopped red or green chili peppers can elevate the metabolic rate due to a natural chemical in peppers. It appears the metabolic boost is short lived but if you eat spicy foods often these additional calories burned could add up.

Get Enough

Include a good protein source in every meal, especially breakfast. Why? Well, to start with protein foods are satisfying and you burn more calories after a high protein meal vs. a high carbohydrate meal. Studies also show that starting your day with protein reduces the hunger hormone throughout the day. Protein is important for muscle growth and recovery which is important for weight management and athletic goals.

Foods that pack in the protein include: skinless poultry, fish, eggs, mushrooms, beans, lentils, nuts, seeds, tofu, quinoa, farro, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, natural cheese

Strength Train.

Most adults need more muscle building activities! Resistance training or weight training are excellent ways to achieve  this. Your metabolism stays elevated for up to 36 hours after weight training also known ‘the after burn’.  Add in a strength session at least 2 days/week. Start with 2 sets of 5-6 exercises.

Just Move More!

Is your job sedentary? Do you sit in front of a computer most or several hours most days of the week? Recent research shows that sitting for long periods of time is leading to many chronic illnesses, including heart disease, obesity and diabetes. It is important to stay active throughout the day. Sitting for more than 1-hour at a time is too long, even if you exercise regularly. Get up and move around once an hour! Standing or moving about 5-10 minutes for every hour of sitting is a good way to wake up the metabolism! 

Sip on Green Tea.

Green Tea has been shown to benefit your brain, heart, boost metabolism and have anti-cancer properties. It is high in catechin a powerful antioxidant.  According to recent studies, it has been found that green tea combined with a total of three hours of moderate exercise per week reduced abdominal fat in subjects over a three-month period. Unsweetened, brewed green tea was said to increase calorie burn by about 100 calories per day.

Drink Water Like it’s Going Out of Style.

Water carries sugar and nutrients to the cells to be converted to energy.  If you are even slightly dehydrated, your metabolic rate is not humming along like it could be. A good goal is 9 cups/day for women and 13 cups/day for men.