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Matt Shade, CEO

I will never forget one of my first conversations with Paul Biondich, MD. I was doing my best to explain the vision of a global platform to improve quality of life.  He looked at me, chuckled and said, “Dude, you are taking on two of the gnarliest problems our world faces today, How do you activate people to give a damn about their health? And once activated, how do you sustain the engagement?” I found it odd that he was smiling (most people have that “good luck with that” expression). So my immediate response was “You want to help?”  He said, “Yes! Now is the time!”


Almost 70% of US population is overweight or obese. Tobacco use, heart disease and cancer rates continue to decrease. The one glaring statistic that shares almost a linear relationship with skyrocketing healthcare costs is the rate of overweight/obesity in our population. This strikes me as a great problem to have, because I believe it's wholly preventable


We often think of healthcare as both expensive and fixing problems with treatment/medicine. We need a reboot on what health “care” really is.  In my opinion, healthcare starts with taking ownership of your health. We need to create solutions and stop spending money to fix problems.  Almost 40% of all healthcare costs should not reach the medical provider level. That is a big number ($1 trillion)


Taking ownership of your health starts with understanding where you are at, making healthy choices the easy choices, always having a goal, taking pride in the way you eat, moving in a way you enjoy and surrounding yourself with people who care about you.


We have built this experience into the FitLivin app. A content driven through technology platform, powered by Social Coaching. Years of hard work and technology allows for our Coaching Program to be delivered for only $29.99/month.  Our coaching program is an ideal solution for anyone looking to improve their health and quality of life. 


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Thank you to the Team who has helped build the Coaching Program.

  • Judy Porter, RD
  • George Lathrop, MD
  • Paul Biondich, MD
  • Anne Mejia-Downs, PhD
  • Michael Bauman