Convincing people to take the steps to change their behaviors should be easy right? We all want to be healthy but it remains a struggle despite the amount of information out there on how our habits/lifestyle affects our weight, health outcomes, and not only how long we’ll live but the quality of those years. Obviously, there are many factors that make it difficult which is why FitLivin’ is striving to use technology to help simplify healthy lifestyle and increase the chances for success. 


The Fit Livin’ Healthy Habits Challenge ran 11/28/2016 through 12/18/2016. Each participant was asked to track the following 10 habits…exercise, frequency of meals, fruit & vegetable intake, fluid intake, level of fullness during meals, sleep, alcohol consumption, positive attitude, grateful spirit and social connection. The focus was on support and accountability driven through the Fit Livin’ App and led by a registered dietitian. Engagement was high and on completion of the challenge there were many incredible success stories. 


We would like to recognize...

Top point earners, Brian Patterson and Cheryl Patterson, a married couple who teamed up and committed at the highest level. Together they formed some lasting habits and lost a combined weight of 22 pounds over the 3 week period of time!




Company with the greatest number of participants:  Indy Public Library 


Most engaged corporate employee: Veronica Krenzel of Kenney Co.


 “This challenge has been amazing! Great habits to keep me on track for bigger things.” ~Katie T


Winners of Special Contest #1: Post an image of an entire day’s worth of healthy meals and snacks in the Fit Livin’ App

Brian Patterson & Bethany Allison: awarded Green Bean Delivery gift cards


Winners of Special Contest #2: Salad & Smoothie Challenge (post an image your salad or smoothie every day in the Fit Livin’ App)

Veronica Krenzel and Katie Tarvin: awarded MoVita Shirt & months supply of their organic, whole food multivitamin

...and Clay Coulter: awarded an Athletic Annex Gift Card 


"Starting to develop some good habits. Protein shake for morning snack, salad and soup for lunch, and seeds in a zip lock for afternoon snack. Breakfast and dinner provide for some variety. Repeat.” ~Mike G



Winner of Special Contest #3: Push-up and Plank Challenge X 5 days with at least one photo post in the Fit Livin’ App.

 The Cycle Studio gift card goes to Brian Patterson who killed the push-up and plank challenge with even a bonus day making it 6 days last week and lots of photo proof!



"This challenge has been great. Down 10 pounds since the beginning of the challenge. It’s amazing what zero beers in 18 days (plus eating clean and portion control) can do! Feeling great!” ~Brian P


Congratulations to all of the participants for taking ownership of the health and leading by example during one of the most challenging times of the year to do so!


Special thanks to Endurance House Indianapolis,  MoVita Organics, Athletic Annex, The Cycle Studio and Green Bean Delivery for sponsoring the challenge. 


Cheers to getting 2017 off to a great start! Happy Holidays!


~Judy Porter, RD, Director of Wellness