Fit Livin' Year-End Survey

Chance to win Vintage Fit Livin' Shirts (2009)

We pride ourselves being a Community Driven Company with a Community Driven Product. Our growth and scalability is a direct result of the end user (YOU!) We appreciate your efforts to complete the Fit Livin' Year-End Survey. We will be raffling off Vintage Fit Livin' Shirts (2009). Thank you.

What You Need to Know

Purpose of the user survey – to gather information from Fit Livin' participants about current and future participation in Fit Livin' activities and virtual utilization of the Fit Livin' app.

Why are we doing this? Fit Livin' has been very helpful to the current participants in meeting their health and fitness goals. We are exploring options to make it even more useful for participants as we move into the next phase of development.

How long will the survey take? It will take a couple of minutes to complete this survey, possibly 10 minutes if you wish to provide a lot of details.

What will happen to the survey results? We will  be using them for internal planning purposes.

Why should you participate? Fit Livin' can be an important tool to improve your health. As we make further enhancements, it will offer more support to reach your personal goals through improving your user experience and engagement. We can all improve.  We take that same mindset as we are looking to improve our Fit Livin' performance.  

Thank you for your valued input!  


Ways to Join the Playground

Be part of something greater than yourself! Something powerful!

As a country, we waste $1 trillion on preventable healthcare spending! People need support and guidance regarding healthy lifestyle. We have to show that it can be fun and lifelong. Fit Livin’ has built and will continue to improve it’s platform for doing just this. Join us in being part of the positive shift that needs to happen in our nation. Together we can make a bigger impact.

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