Motivate Me: Fire and Flex

Goal: Achieve 6 hours of Fire (Cardio) and/or Flex (Strength/Flexibility/Balance) between April 17 - 30.

It is FREE! Just say IN!

Get to Know Your Coach: Matt Shade

I love family, friends and working out! We have more data and information than ever before. A coach MOTIVATES you to achieve your Goals. I would love the opportunity to MOTIVATE you for two weeks and jump start you to a great summer! 


1.  How does the it work?  You will first need to sign up. You will then be added to all communications through FitLivin app and email. 

2.  Who is this for?  Anyone who has a heart beat and wants to improve their quality of life. You only have one shot at life, live with no regrets. 

3.  What is "Social Coaching"?  The future of healthcare. We are approaching a time when 50% of all healthcare costs are 100% preventable. This means healthcare starts with YOU! A support and accountability platform of family, friends, mentors and coaches makes achieving a healthy lifestyle fun.

4.  What do I win? Since this is a FREE challenge, take this as an opportunity to better yourself, lead by example and not only change your life, but someone around you!

If you have questions please give us a shout!