If you want to achieve your goals then you will more than likely face some incredible challenges. Struggles you never imagined. This is where the irony comes in, the more it hurts, the more it fuels you. 


I’m starting to figure out that this is just part of the process...


Step 1: Feel the pain. Don’t fight it. Become friends with the pain. If you try to run away from it then it will over power you. Embrace it, sit with it and eventually you can manage it.


Step 2: Deal with the “why” it hurts. Recognize that you have a choice…quit or keep going. There is no other middle ground/grey area. If you choose to recommit there is only one way to the end goal…which takes us to the final step…


Step 3: Take it one day at a time.

I aways want to make super detailed plan of action but it can just be overwhelming. In most cases, with big goals it can just be too much. I will make a simplified action plan but I have found that if I step back and ask myself …“What can I do today to move myself toward my goal?” that I get closer and it leads to many positive emotions that fuel me to do better and be better. 


by Judy Porter, RD and Director of Wellness for Fit Livin' LLC