Written By: Matt Shade, CEO


Do these numbers scare you?

  • Americas' Healthcare costs have tripled since 2001 - Millman
  • By 2025, 43% of women and 45% of men in the United States will be obese - NCD Risk Factor Collaboration
  • Chronic diseases are responsible for 7 of 10 deaths each year, and treating people with Chronic Diseases accounts for 86% of our nation's healthcare costs - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


What is the Problem?

We must first ask ourselves, how is it possible that we (USA) spend two to three times more on healthcare costs, compared to other countries, and our life expectancy has decreased in the past two years? How do we get closer to the linear line? There will be varying opinions, but it is clear to me that we, the people, are the problem and not healthcare. We spend so much time and money on trying to find an answer, when all of the data and research continues to show that diet and exercise is the best medicine.


How do we fix this?

The two biggest problems healthcare faces

1. How do you get individuals to activate and get healthier?

2. How do you sustain the engagement?  

Do you want to be better tomorrow, than you are today? Of course you do! Which is proof that individuals want to be healthy and individuals have daily goals. The ability to leverage great leadership and innovative technology is how you fix the problem.


Culture is a result of great leadership, with quality content, that engages individuals. Once you gain the trust and respect of the individual, you have the unique power to drive culture. The success and sustainability of culture is a focus on the moral incentives before the financial incentives. This should be no different in the healthcare industry.  


The ability to build and scale your communication platform will be critical to your success. In today's world we communicate through our mobile devices. When we get a brief second, it is where we go to check our emails, texts and apps. This is referred to as Community, Social, Mobile Engagement - the positive reinforcement that motivates change of behavior. Our virtual support and accountability network lives in our mobile devices. It is important that your message lives here too. 


Why do we fix this?

The initial response is because this is not sustainable and we will be bankrupt, but let's take a positive approach.


  • Exercise and Diet is the best medicine, and it is FREE
  • Culture is sustainable, and it is FREE
  • Healthy people are happy people, and it is FREE

So why are we spending all of this money? The idea of spending money, in hopes the health care system will fix all of our problems, is not going to happen. All research and data is proof that the new Health Care System starts with us. One of the greatest gifts you can give our world and a future generation, is the commitment to take ownership of your health. 

Matt Shade, Founder and CEO