Eat Healthy Fats: avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, natural almond butter, walnuts, flax seed, chia seeds, fish-salmon, olives…

Eat small meals every 3-4 hours (3-2-1 Eat!): your calorie burning power is boosted every time you consume a meal or snack.

Drink 9-13 cups of water daily: One study showed that after drinking 2 cups of water, metabolism speeds up 30% within 10 minutes and reaches a maximum boost after 30-40 minutes. Other research shows that you will consume less calories at meals if you take in 2 cups of water prior to the meals.

Move. Every time you stand up fat burning enzymes are turned on and the metabolism is boosted. Stand up and move around frequently

Sleep 7-9 hours: sleep deprivation signals your metabolism to slow down and use less energy. 


Avoid Restrictive Diets: extreme calorie restriction wrecks the metabolism because the body compensates by slowing down your metabolism to conserve energy for later.