Work stress has the biggest impact on employee engagement. So let's create some smiles!

Fit Livin' partnered with Shelly Fisher, Animal Assisted Pet Therapy Coordinator at Eskenazi Health. Shelly has been integral in building a successful pet therapy program and touching many patient lives at Eskenazi Health. Shelly came to us with the idea of using this model in Corporate America. So we took Hero, twelve Australian Labradoodle puppies and four Barbets (French Water Dogs) on the road to Kenney Machinery and Perfect Pallets. It was a complete success!  Smiles all around.  

We would like to thank Shelly and Eskenazi Health, Ultimate Canine and Stacey and Walter Able.

Learn more about the Eskenazi Health Pet Therapy Program and how you can help.


I am always looking to grow my program, if you have a dog that likes people, is confident and enjoys going places please contact me at If you don't have a dog and would like to help there are other ways to be a part of our pet therapy program, so if interested please reach out to me as well.