How do I eat just the right amount without counting calories? Unraveling this personal mystery starts with understanding how hunger shows up for you. Everyone experiences hunger pains a little differently. You may notice the smallest little grumble and grab that healthy snack instantly. A common issue I hear is  “I don’t ever feel hunger. In fact, by the time my stomach is growling, I'm beyond hungry.” Yep, you’re hangry! This is why we recommend eating 3 meals, 2 healthy snacks and a recovery snack if you exercise so that you don’t get that point. We want to avoid the “Hangry Zone”!

If you are not feeling hunger in your stomach come mealtime or snack time then that is a sign that you may be eating too much at the previous meal/snack. Reduce the size of your meals and see if that makes the difference.

Eating until you’re  ~80% full is a common recommendation to avoid eating too much at mealtime. I like to also look at physical ques. If you’re eating with someone then you will notice a point during the meal where you start to engage with the person in conversation. Once you are giving the person or your environment (if eating alone) more attention than your meal then this is a sign you’re adequately fueled for now. Put your fork down.  

Do you experience any of these symptoms after meals?

1. Crashing- feeling the sudden urge to take a nap

2. Craving something sweet after a meal

3. Dizziness/lack of focus/spacey

4. Needing something more

5. Feeling a sudden craving for carbs

6. Racing and continual thoughts, usually about food.


If so, it is a good sign that it’s related to your blood sugar and I would take a closer look at the balance of your meals and make sure you are getting a really good dose of protein, healthy fat and fruggies in your meals and limit the carbohydrate serving to the size of your fist or smaller. Check out the Fit Livin’ Fuel list for guidance.