Protein Crash Course

May 22-26

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Protein is an extraordinary fuel. Protein is found everywhere in the body and plays many important roles. 

Here is what to expect from this 5-day BootCamp...

  • You will receive the most recent facts on protein and the role it plays in weight management, muscle building and overall health. 
  • You will be challenged over the 5-day period with a daily task. Check the app each morning for your task. You will receive this task in a group message from Judy Porter, RD. 
  • By the end of this Protein BootCamp you can feel confident that you are up on current recommendations for protein, best sources, how much you and your family members need to take in daily. Plus, you'll receive a ton of practical tips and simple recipes you can implement now to start feeling better today!
  • Get ready to feel like an expert in Nutrition and BioChem in just 5-days!