5 Steps I Follow to Shed a Few Pounds

By:  Matt Shade, Fit Livin' LLC Founder and CEO

1.  Kitchen Makeover -  I eliminate all Lazy Livin' food items and replace them with foods off of the Fuel List. It is amazing how I can always find the ice cream, cookies and chips at my weakest moments.  If it's not there I don't think about it or eat it!

2.  3-2-1 Eat! -  I need structure.  Eating three meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), two healthy snacks (100-200 calories between meals) and a Recovery Snack (post workout 4:1/Carb to Protein ratio) helps organize my day.

3.  More FIRE - I increase my cardiovascular training (swimming, biking or running/walking) to 45-60 minutes. 

4.  Increase H2O Intake - For the first week or two my body is in shock, craving the extra calories I was spoiling it with.  A big glass of water helps take the cravings away and hydrates my body from the extra cardio work I am putting in.

5.  Select a Performance Goal - Having a race, event or challenge to focus on holds me accountable to eat healthy and follow my training plan.  Without a Performance Goal, I find myself coming up with excuse after excuse.