What is CoSoMo Engagement? Community, Social, Mobile Engagement is the positive peer pressure that motivates change of culture. Today we are receiving much of our communication and education through our mobile devices. It is where we go when our world slows down, just for a brief second. Fit Livin' is using the CoSoMo Engagement Platform to help companies, organizations and individuals drive culture to healthy lifestyles. Essentially, you are the sum of the five people you are around the most. Fit Livin' is leveraging the CoSoMo Engagement platform to change lives for sustainable outcomes.

The days of telephonic coaching and on-line portals is coming to an end. The ability to go mobile gives the user a 24/7/365 experience, one thumb tap away.

Our theory of CoSoMo Engagement was correct. The first reports are showing a record number of engaged employees*. Please keep in mind that 24% participation is the national average. Source: Gallup US Panel Members

We would like to highlight our top five engaged clients who understand success is the result of Leadership, Communication and Engagement.

  • Kenney Corporation 91%
  • Perfect Pallets 89%
  • Indiana Vein Specialists 87%
  • Indianapolis Public Library 86%
  • Eleven Fifty Consulting 86%

*Trigger points with the FitLivin app

Preventable health care is NOW, mobility is the future.  It is exciting to be the first to market. Our success will be a result of partnering with other leaders who value culture and community.  Matt Shade, CEO