FitLivin, Don't Trash your Workout!

On Friday afternoon after you leave work, you might think about having a few drinks to relax and unwind. We encourage you to think before you drink. Like any other day, Saturday is a day that we plan to exercise.  For many of us, we hope to get in a couple good work-outs in over the weekend.  Consuming too much alcohol the night before can have a negative impact on your workout the next day.  It can reduce your strength, endurance and increases recovery time. Consuming too much alcohol increases inflammation in the body. It can even damage the muscle cells and nerve cells resulting in less functional muscle contraction.

Alcohol causes a release of insulin that will increase the breakdown of glycogen, which spares fat and makes the loss of fat very hard. Since glycogen is your primary fuel source during exercise, you will be starting your next workout with low fuel stores. Hence, another reason endurance suffers after a night of drinking.

Nutritionally, alcohol interferes with the absorption of several key nutrients, increasing your risk for developing iron deficiency anemia or a deficiency in B vitamins. The B vitamins are the keys that unlock our energy so don’t be surprised if you feel a little extra fatigued in that next workout.

Also, alcohol is a diuretic, drinking large amounts will leave you dehydrated again leading to a sub-par workout the next day and adds extra stress on the kidneys which could lead to problems long term. These are just a few of the negative and almost immediate effects alcohol has on our body. Drinking alcohol in excess can lead to many health problems that you will not notice immediately. When you do drink alcohol, think before you drink. Think about the impact it has on your performance and your health and keep your intake moderate.