Fall has arrived! Which means apple-picking season is here! Whether you pick your own at an orchard, support your local farmer’s market or shop at the grocery store—with so many varieties available, anyone can get confused. Here’s an easy guide to help choose the best apples for your needs, whether baking, cooking, or just simply eating.  

  • For eating straight from the basket, crisp, juicy, and tangy varieties are best. Red Delicious is the most popular eating apple, but if you prefer a denser, tarter snack, try a Granny Smith, or a softer-fleshed McIntosh
  • To make applesauce, McIntosh is moist and flavorful. Cortlands and Braeburns also make good choices. 
  • When baking, Rome apples are recommended because they hold their shape well. You can also try Fuijis, which are sweeter, wetter, and have a spicy flavor. 
  • In pies, a mix of apples is best. Include Golden Delicious for sweetness and for good shape and tartness ab apple like Granny Smith works well.


When you are selecting apples look for a firm apple with shiny skin. Dull appearing apples will not be as crisp or as tasty. Your apples should be free of bruises and punctures. Once you bring them home, keep your apples refrigerated. Fruit bowls are beautiful, but your apples will not stay crispy for long on the countertop. In fact, they will last 10 times longer when refrigerated. 


And finally…does an apple a day really keep the doctor away?  Apples are filled with disease-fighting properties.They can help lower blood cholesterol, improve bowel functioning, and reduce your risk of stroke, prostate cancer and diabetes. Apples are a good source of Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that helps keep the cells healthy and boosts the immune system. Apples are also rich in  polypheolic compounds that protect the cells from free radical damage therefore reducing the risk for cancer. Apples are also a great source of fiber. So, get your fill of apples this fall, while they’re bountiful, affordable, and in-season. 

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