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Spotlight: Angie Hubbell

Get to Know Angie

  • Fruits orVegetables
  • Walk or Run
  • Climb or Descent
  • Chinese foodor Thai Food
  • Hike or Bike
  • CookorClean
  • Endurance workout or Sprint Workout
  • Cardioor Weights
  • Italian Cuisine  or Mexican Cuisine 
  • Candle Light Dinner at Home or Dinner Out
  • Water or Sports Drink
  • Music or No Music
  • Cake or Ice Cream
  • Cream or Sugar
  • Beach or Sight-Seeing
  • Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate
  • Dinner Salad or Side Salad
  • Elevator or Stairs
  • Early Bird or Night Owl
  • Football or Basketball
  • Cheese orNo Cheese
  • Gum or Mint
  • Tea or Coffee