We need to remind ourselves to MOVE when we are at work!  Simply standing up and sitting down every hour, on the hour, is a great start.  

Today we shared two workouts you can complete right at your desk in just two minutes!

Neck, Hand and Shoulder Stress Relief

Each set is 10 reps or 10 seconds for an approximate 2 minute workout!

  1. Fist Bumps
  2. Fingers interlock, arms straight out
  3. Fingers interlock, arms straight up
  4. Right triceps stretch
  5. Left triceps stretch
  6. Front right shoulder stretch
  7. Front left shoulder stretch
  8. Neck stretch, chin down
  9. Neck stretch, right ear to right shoulder
  10. Neck stretch, left ear to left shoulder
  11. Neck stretch, chin back
  12. Shoulder shrugs

Complete with a glass of water and healthy snack!

Lower Body and Core Workout

Each set is 10 reps or 10 seconds for an apporximate 2 minute workout!

  1. Walking high knees
  2. Walking butt kicks
  3. Walking hamstring kicks
  4. Shouder width squats
  5. Close stance squats
  6. Wide stance toes out squats
  7. Right leg balancer
  8. Left leg balancer
  9. Shouder width squat hold low
  10. Close stance squat hold low
  11. Wide stance toes out hold low
  12. Touch toes

Complete with a glass of water and healthy snack.

If you have questions, please login to the FitLivin app through your Premium credentials and ask your FireStarter.  

Always have a Goal, take Pride in the way you eat and Move in a way you enjoy!