Success of any company, organization or team is the result of Leadership, Communication and Engagement. Once you establish Leadership, Communication and Engagement you have the trust of your Community and the power to drive Culture.

Our Leadership team includes myself, registered dietician, Judy Porter and physician, George Lathrop. We have created a proven and successful program that is changing lives. Our Communication is a result of Community, Social, Mobile Engagement. It is how we communicate and educate in today's world. What are you doing when you are waiting for the bus? What are you doing between timeouts of a game? What are you doing with your idle time? We engage on our mobile devices with content that is relevent to us. Our Engagement is driven by the positive peer pressure that motivates change of culture. You are the sum of the five people you are around the most. We use this platform to drive Culture to Healthy Lifestyles.

Preventable Health Care is no longer the future, it is now! We are on a mission to reduce Preventable Health Care spending for companies, organizations and individuals by driving culture and creating the largest accountability and support platform for health, wellness and fitness.

Today I am excited to anounce the production release of iOS and Android mobile application! To reach this milestone is the cumulation of hard work, trust and belief. I would like to thank the following people and organizations.  

Judy Porter for your passion and perseverance. George Lathrop for your expertise and belief. John Thornburgh for your direction. Meredith Langhorst for your enthusiasm. Scott Jones for your guidance. Investors for believing. Eleven Fifty for development. Developer Town for design. Clients/Partners Apex Benefits (John Gause). National Hemophilia Foundation, Hemophilia of Indiana, Perfect Pallets, Kenney Corporation, Indiana Vein Specialist, Indianapolis Public Library, Eleven Fifty Consulting, Eleven Fifty Academy, Pondurance, and Humane Society of Indianapolis. I would also like to thank Bob Recinto and his efforts to lead Team FitLivin. Thanks to Kayla Lazzara and Shelly Fisher our first Fire Starters. OneZone (special thanks to Dan LaReau) and finally to all our family and friends who have been the support network to achieve this milestone. Thank you. 

Matt Shade, CEO