Making your own flatbread pizzas at home can be a healthier alternative to ordering out or the go-to convenient frozen store bought pizza. Plus, it can be a lot of fun to experiment with new flavor combos. Grab the family and head to the kitchen, open up the fridge and pantry and start exploring!

Start with a your basic naan bread, whole grain pita bread, whole grain tortilla or wrap. Sure, you could make your own crust but this post is all about convenience without totally sacrificing nutrition.


Artichoke and Spinach

Tomato Sauce

Spinach, chopped

Grape tomatoes, halved

Artichoke, pickled & chopped

Feta cheese, crumbles

Mozzarella cheese


7 Layer Bean Dip 

Refried beans


Tomatoes, chopped

White onion, chopped

Avocado, chopped


Cheddar Cheese


Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo

Rotisserie chicken

Alfredo Sauce

Broccoli, pieces

Shaved Parmesan Cheese



Grilled Tropical Chicken 

Tomato Sauce

Grilled chicken, chopped

Grilled pineapple chunks

Red pepper, chopped

Jalapeno, slices


Tuscan Chicken and Kale

Extra virgin olive oil

Minced garlic 

Kale, shredded

Shredded chicken

Yukon gold potato, cooked & chopped into small pieces


Green olive, slices


Steak and Pepper

Extra virgin olive oil

Minced garlic 

Grilled sirloin, sliced thinly 

Green peppers, slices

Onion, slices


Chicken Avocado

Tomato sauce

Cheddar cheese

Chicken, shredded

Jalapeno, slices

Avocado, slices

Scallion, chopped

Fresh Cilantro, sliced