According to a recent Forbes article, FitLivin is the first to market in tech enabled coaching for Corporate Wellness. We do the work at 1/3 the cost of traditional wellness programs. This is an example of how we are moving the dial. 

Wednesday, August 17

9:08 am

  • New Wellness - Judy Porter, RD - Director of Wellness sends out in-app message to Kenney employees with a push notification
  • Old Wellness - Email is sent that no one reads, no painful planning for on-site visit

3:00 pm

  • New Wellness - Judy arrives at Kenney with Green Smoothies, employees can come and go according to their work schedule, employees continue the communication via the FitLivin app
  • Old Wellness - Free lunch to get particiaption, no continued communication once the visit is complete

Culture is the trust of your Community through Leadership, Communication and Engagement.  We make it happen.

Thank you for having us out Kenney Corporation and your participation on the FitLivin mobile app. See you on the Playground!