by Antonella Riva: Guest blogger 


A woman’s diet not only provides the nutrients that she needs but it also helps her to maintain her mental health and hormonal balance. When a woman becomes fertile, her life is marked by the rhythm of monthly events and hormonal fluctuations – just as a clock’s mechanism –  that can make her mood swing between being nice or crazy.


A woman is full of energy, less sleepy and highly motivated during the first phase of the cycle. She is less hungry and it’s much easier to pass on dessert during this phase. Hormonal balance is best in this phase so this would be the ideal time to start a new healthy habit.

On the contrary, during the second phase, she is cranky, nervous, starving and swollen. Then water retention and the sweet tooth show up! Men, just accept you are going to be wrong every single time during these days!!!


What could reduce these side effects?

*Headache and irritability could be reduced by avoiding substances that have a stimulating effect such as coffee, alcohol and chocolate. 

*Ginger infusions could improve nausea.

*Water retention can be reduced by eating more vegetables or preparing smoothies including lots of fresh fruggies. Increasing your intake of water could also be beneficial.

*A source of magnesium can be introduced to reduce spasms. Good sources include: figs, almonds, spinach, pumpkin seeds, and wholegrain rice. 

*If during or directly following your period you feel tired adding high iron foods may help. Eating red meet, mussel, shellfish, molasses, and legumes can prevent the reduction.

*In addition, physical exercise can help, with a preference for intense activity in the first phase and aerobic/relaxing in the second one.