FitLivin Fun
Spotlighting: Kathy Helmond, Indy Public Library



Livin’ fit is important to me for the obvious health reasons and because I love to be active and be outside, but also because of the camaraderie of my “fit” friends! I have made so many new friends in the local women’s running community – all so supportive.  They make “Fit Livin’” fun!

Fruits or Vegetables

Walk or Run

Climb or Descent

Chinese food or Thai Food

Hike or Bike

Cook or Clean

Endurance workout or Sprint Workout

Cardio or Weights

Italian Cuisine  or Mexican Cuisine

Candle Light Dinner at Home or Dinner Out

Water or Sports Drink

Music or No Music

Cake or Ice Cream

Cream or Sugar

Beach or Sight-Seeing

Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate

Dinner Salad or Side Salad

Elevator or Stairs

Early Bird or Night Owl

Football or Basketball

Cheese or No Cheese

Gum or Mint

Tea or Coffee