FitLivin Lifestyle

An Attitude to Take Ownership of Your Health


Spotlight: Keith Quick

FitLivin is important  because it provides the framework for an individual/company to reach fitness goals and reduces healthcare spending.  Preventative health care is crucial for better quality of life and to save money on expensive medical problems later in life.


Get to Know Keith:


Fruits or Vegetables


Walk or Run


Climb or Descent


Chinese food or Thai Food (Either as long as it is Paleo)


Hike or Bike


Cook or Clean


Endurance workout or Sprint Workout


Cardio or Weights


Italian Cuisine  or Mexican Cuisine (Italian but substitute pasta with vegetables)


Candle Light Dinner at Home or Dinner Out


Water or Sports Drink


Music or No Music


Cake or Ice Cream


Cream or Sugar (Neither, black the way coffee should be)


Beach or Sight-Seeing


Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate


Dinner Salad or Side Salad