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Spotlight: Michael Helsel

"Fitness is the only way of life. I can’t imagine life without being able to get outside and go for a run with my family or friends,  or cranking through a winding stretch of single track for a rewarding beverage at the end. I am so grateful to my network of like-minded friends for providing the support and challenges to keep it rolling."

Get to Know Michael

  1. Fruits or Vegetables
  2. Walk or Run
  3. Climb or Descent
  4. Chinese food or Thai Food
  5. Hike orBike
  6. Cook or Clean
  7. Endurance workout or Sprint Workout
  8. Cardio or Weights
  9. Italian Cuisine  or Mexican Cuisine
  10. Candlelight Dinner or Dinner Out
  11. Water or Sports Drink
  12. Music or No Music
  13. Cake or Ice Cream
  14. Cream or Sugar
  15. Beach or Sight-Seeing
  16. Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate
  17. Dinner Salad or Side Salad
  18. Elevator or Stairs
  19. Early Bird or Night Owl
  20. Football or Basketball
  21. Cheese or No Cheese
  22. Gum or Mint
  23. Tea or Coffee