By Antonella Riva, guest blogger

Antonella Riva is an Italian nutritionist. She lives in Indianapolis and she is learning English. She used to run 400/ 800 m, winning 800 m National Championship and she was part of  Italian national team. Her next challenge is to participate in her first half marathon this May in the One American 500 Festival Mini-Marathon. Follow her in the FitLivin Mobile App for sound nutrition advice and to follow along as she takes the road to her first half-marathon.

The Microbiota, Our Little Friend

You are not alone. In fact, your body hosts a multitude of microorganisms, called microbiota, that live in symbiosis with human body. They are really important, because they are linked to our immune system and they also carry on fundamental metabolic functions and help to keep our gut intact.

How can you help them to stay well, so we can feel well?

First of all, the food you eat arrives in your intestine and feeds the bacteria.

The element of diet that mainly influence their growth is fiber and some foods to eat more of in your diet include artichokes, asparagus , broccoli, fennel, onion, legumes, nuts, banana, apples, plums, kiwi, figs, whole cereals, olives, avocado, fermented vegetables, sourdough bread, kombucha, and coconut oil.

Some foods are not friendly and you should be reduced or consumed in moderation like meat, dairy, or too much alcohol like wine or beer. Also, an active life style helps your little friends. Run, walk and every type of exercise is useful.

Don’t be afraid if your child plays outside gets a little dirty, or when he pets a dog and he doesn’t clean his hands later. This increases exposure to a variety of different types of bacteria. Furthermore, using frequent antibiotics alter and destroy our microbiota.

By adopting a different diet and following these simple suggestions, it actually possible to feel the difference in just a few days.

Why don’t you give it a try?