Make your Goals a Reality. Fit Livin’ brings leadership, communication and engagement to Corporate Wellness.  The problem for corporations is skyrocketing health care costs paired with lack of productivity and poor engagement at work. Fit Livin' brings value through Tech Enabled Coaching to address this problem.  The program engages employees through a support system of coaches, family, friends, motivators, mentors.  We bring a lifestyle of community, goal setting, nutrition, movement and health to clients employees.  The differentiator is Community, Social, Mobile Engagement which creates positive peer pressure that motivates change of culture.  

Fit Livin’ is the first to market. An excerpt from a recent Forbes article highlighting Fit Livin’

The major advantage that Fit Livin’ has in the marketplace is the lack of competition. Greatist, a media company that specializes in health and fitness news, reviewed 49 health and fitness apps in 2015. A handful allows users to communicate with health experts. Three have online communities that facilitate communication between users so they can motivate each other.  None of the 49 apps target businesses, based on the reviews.

This is how we Make your Goals a reality:

  1. Drive Culture with Leadership Team - Organize
  2. Launch - Communicate
  3. Coach Invitation - Engage
  4. Coach Introduction - Educate
  5. In-app Coaching - Sustain

Fit Livin’ will bring an attitude and brand to help you reach your corporate health, wellness, fitness and engagement initiatives. Contact Fit Livin to institute our Fitness with a Goal® philosophy at your business, and Make your Goals a reality!