FitLivin, You Don't Need a Diet, You Need a LIFESTYLE
  • Most diets are very low in calories-so you will lose weight
  • Most of the weight lost is water and muscle weight

 These low calorie diets can cause:

  • Metabolism to slow down
  • Decreased physical energy
  • Decreased emotional energy which leads to depression, anxiety, irritability, etc.
  • Nutrient deficiency due to elimination of food groups or inadequate intake
Because of these things, diets are impossible to maintain long term.   
3-2-1 EAT! is not a diet! It is a life-long change in your attitude toward eating. Food is a means to achieve good health and wellness. Food is Fuel.
  • 3 Meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)
  • 2 Healthy Snacks (Between Meals)
  • 1 Recovery Snack (Post Exercise)

You will never diet again!  Start a LIFESTYLE follow 3-2-1 EAT! and your Fuel List.