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It's an Avocado...Thanks!


Motivation Nation-Leap of Faith


Lifestyle Fun Spotlight: Tom Cangelosi

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Energy Boosters

Are you looking for a major energy boost?

Motivation Nation-Success

Bone Health by Antonella Riva

Bone Health

Lifestyle Fun with Rashel Rodkey

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Motivation Nation-Passion

“If you have a heart beat, you have a passion."

FitLivin Employee Spotlight: Carmen Lane

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Say Bye Bye to Stubborn Body Fat

Your body fat not your body weight is correlated with your disease risk

Motivation Nation-Enjoy the Journey

“The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create it." ~Abraham Lincoln

FitLivin Lifestyle An Attitude to Take Ownership of Your Health

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At the start of spring, you’ll notice the inventory of

Reason to Love Sweet Potatoes...

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An Attitude to Ta

FitLivin Lifestyle

An Attitude to Ta

By Antonella Riva, guest blogger