The Corporate Program

Fit Livin’ is a proven and successful program that extends far beyond the corporate work place. Our Community driven theme involves family and friends to ensure individuals change their culture and environment for sustainable outcomes.

Our goal is to assist each individual in reaching their maximum potential in three key areas: Health, Fitness and Mental Attitude. Individuals who achieve a healthy lifestyle experience success, confidence, happiness, reduced health risks and achieve an ideal body weight.

Individuals take ownership of their health as a result of the positive outcomes they experience and not because of an incentive they are offered.

If you have a heartbeat, you have a passion. The thought of losing fifty pounds or reducing cholesterol is not inspiring. We help identify why you want to lose fifty pounds or reduce your cholesterol. Each person is unique and motivated for different reasons. Identifying with this passion is the commitment for a successful start to your journey.

Some consider exercise or diet as hard work. We will prove it is quite the opposite.

We will set your first goal based on your fitness level and activity interest. You will receive all of the support and motivation you need to achieve this goal.

Upon completion of your goal you will have surrounded yourself with an evolving community. As your support network grows so do the chances of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The App

We are in the data driven world of activity tracking and numbers. What are you doing with all of this data? We provide the missing tool to bridge the gap from data to successful outcomes.

The Fit Livin’ app is the “Hub” for individuals to find and invite friends, select personal motivators and follow Fit Livin’ approved mentors. The ability for the user to create their own unique community puts them in control of their wellness program.

For more information on the App

Fit Livin' Mobile App
Fit Livin' Specialist

Fit Livin' Specialist

We understand communication and organization are two key components to a successful program. You will be assigned a Fit Livin’ Specialist as a direct contact via email, phone or on-site. Your specialist will assist in reports, incentive strategy, environmental checklist, communication and help.

Fit Livin' Pyramid

The core values of the Fit Livin’ Program includes a five step behavioral modification program created by a physician, registered dietician and fitness expert.

Fit Livin' Pyramid


The first level of the Fit Livin’ Pyramid is creating a healthy, positive and supportive environment. This is done by acknowledging and eliminating self- destructive behaviors and poor choices.

Quit 2 Fit


The second level of the Fit Livin’ Pyramid is setting goals. Our philosophy of focusing on a positive (Performance Goal) and the by-product of this lifestyle is weight loss, maintaining healthy weight, reduced health risks and better mental attitude.


The third level of the Fit Livin’ Pyramid is eating a healthy nutrient-rich diet. We have created our very own incredibly simple, non-calorie counting approach to eating. 3-2-1 Eat! and Fuel List is the guide for how often to eat, what foods to choose, and how to plan and eat each meal.

321 Eat


The fourth level of the Fit Livin’ Pyramid is achieving a sustained elevated heart rate. Walking, running, swimming, biking and cardio equipment are just a few of the cardiovascular exercises we endorse.


The fifth and final level of the Fit Livin’ Pyramid is improving strength, flexibility and balance. We ask the individual to find their passion: yoga, pilates, cross training, suspension training, free-weights, machine weights, group exercise classes and at home workouts to name a few.