Fit Livin' LLC is focused and continues to reduce preventable health care spending.

When We Started

Fit Livin' LLC was founded in 2009 as a successful personal training, group training, sports specific training, events and Multisport Team company; powered by the trade mark and philosophy Fitness with a GoalĀ®.

How Do We Do This

We have created a Community, Social, Mobile Engagement Platform that drives engagement from organizations. The companies see the results because of the magic formula of positive peer pressure optimized in a mobile engagement platform.


Preventative health care

Preventative health care is the future of our county and world. Over 1/3 of health care spending is associated with an unhealthy lifestyle. We waste $1 trillion dollars annually on health care costs that are 100% preventable, in the US alone. Our ultimate goal is to do something great for this world by helping individuals create healthy, sustainable lifestyles.