Why We Work

Bridging the Gap

Bridging The GapCorporate Wellness continues to evolve. Skyrocketing health care costs and a much gloomier forecast leads to making your employees health and wellness a top priority. Data collection and awareness is at an all-time high. The question is what are you doing about all of this captured data and the one-third of health care costs that are associated with an unhealthy lifestyle? Fit Livin' is the missing tool that bridges the gap between data and outcomes.


TrendingDecision makers are apprehensive about participation programs because it is a challenge to find a program that reaches the vast demographics of the work place. Fit Livin's strategy of allowing the individual to create their own unique community inside and outside of the work place sparks enthusiasm and participation for any age, gender, health level, fitness level and interest. Allowing the employee to be in control of their wellness is the exciting new trend.

Historic Numbers

Historic Numbers“Traditional” Corporate Wellness Programs are showing an average ROI of $4-6 for every $1 spent. Corporate Wellness involves a tremendous amount of detail, organization and communication. For these reasons many programs fail. Fit Livin' offers a stream lined program that dramatically reduces man hours and costs. You will eventually witness a community that runs itself, making Fit Livin'' the most cost effective program on the market.

Big or Small

Big or SmallNo matter the size of your company, less than 50 employees to greater than 1000 employees, Fit Livin' is the program for you. The success of the program is the ability to achieve a healthy lifestyle in a community that works for you. Some employees experience success with a few of their friends and family members while others include hundreds to thousands in their journey.


NewbiesAre you looking to start a Corporate Wellness Program? Our Fit Livin' Specialist will assist in making sure you implement a proven and successful program as you start the first layer to a healthier workplace.

Circle of Wellness

Circle of WellnessFit Livin' should be your first layer to a successful corporate wellness strategy. Most traditional models will include:

  • Data – Biometric screening, Health Risk Assessment, activity tracking, etc.
  • Awareness – PCP engagement, wellness committees, health fairs, etc.
  • Programs – Exercise, diet, stress, games/challenges, smoking cessation, etc.

The most important layer that is often neglected is Lifestyle. If you don't change your lifestyle both inside and outside of the workplace then all of the layers provided will have little impact on your bottom line. Fit Livin' offers the missing layer to maximize your ROI.